the 'TSUYOIKOKORO DOJO’ is a small  independent Goju Ryu martial arts club  affiliated to the JUNDOKAN  in OKINAWA Japan.

run by Jenni Molloy

 it's An officially registered shibu dojo since 2014

 based in Leeds

West Yorkshire


Tetsu Gima Sensei, Jenni Molloy, Tsuneo Kinjo Sensei at JUNDOKAN in Okinawa

Training at  Tsuyoi Kokoro Dojo although serious and committed is offered in a relaxed but focused environment.

Everyone's welcome to come along and train, get in touch first...

Our primary concern is to promote a good practice focusing on health and fitness, movement and mobility, self awareness and traditional modalities of self defence; all within the framework of the GOJU system of the Jundokan Okinawa.

Foundered by Eiichi Miyazato Sensei, the Jundokan in Okinawa is the head dojo teaching the traditional karate of Chojun Miyagi Sensei.

At the Tsuyoi Kokoro Dojo we aim to preserve and pass on the traditional 'okinawa goju' teachings and values, but we seek to  incorporate modern methods and contemporary understandings of the concepts, principles of movement, contained in the goju style, into our system of teaching today. 

GoJu ryu is a self defence art .

'tsuyoi kokoro' 強い心 translates as strong heart or spirit...

  • A beginner ?  You have experience of another style , but you want to try something different?

  • everybody's invited to come along  try out a class.  Whether you're an advanced practitioner or a complete beginner , you're welcome...

  • the atmosphere in class, although following some simple rules of dojo etiquette, is informal and inclusive.

  • Learn the basic techniques of goju ryu,the foundations of the style, its principles of movement

  • build an understanding of how to apply the range of techniques  in the context of self defence

  • first understand your own body mechanics and the movement principles contained within the goju style

  • hard soft style...the GO the JU

  • specific and targeted exercises to improve mobility, strength, flexibility, stability

  • KATA

  • most lessons revolve around kata, analysing, critically refining them for better execution.

  • Discover the self defence ideas and scenarios contained within kata and understand the application of goju techniques

  • to explore  the techniques inside the differently  themed kata, you'll work with a training partner  

  • The kata have been handed down from previous generations & Chojun Miyagi Sensei was the teacher of our schools founder Eiichi Miyazato. Sensei. 

  • 12 kata form part of the goju syllabus. 2 are unique to the system;


  • Sanchin; the strong heart beat that resonates throughout all of our goju practice. It contains the foundational principles of dynamic structure and breathing, essential to the goju  style 

  • Tensho developed by Chojun Miyagi Sensei explores, beyond Sanchin, a more flowing approach to hand techniques and breath control.


Most martial artists, regardless of what style they practice, participate in some form of warm-up exercises before the start of a class. But in our practice these exercises play a more important part of developing our bodies for goju-ryu.

Preparation exercises, developed by Chojun Miyagi Sensei  Junbi Undo,

 exercises that offer the student a physical framework with breathing exercises that underpin the goju style. 

 At the Tsuyoi Kokoro dojo we also cover other  movement exercises supplementary to those found in Junbi Undo.

Called Daruma Taiso (a set originally developed by Seikichi Toguchi of Shorei-kan Goju Ryu) 

These go further in strengthening ligaments, tendons and muscles as each part of the body is  synergistically stretched and strengthened.

Daruma Taiso are a breathing-led movement sequence that can be performed vigorously or more sustainably and restorativelyat a slower tempo. 

An original type of 'movement class' covering all aspects of mobility flexibility and strength

Similar to the traditions of Yoga, Hatha and other styles, the merits of Daruma Taiso are substantial  feeding  all aspects of our practice in the dojo. Known to develop internal ‘Ki' (energy) good breath control, Kiko.

All martial artists, irrespective of style, can gain something from this specific movement class

it's a healthy, explorative way of moving  Improving all aspects of  body awareness, developing a greater functional range of movement and  strengthening the core 

Daruma Taiso translates as 'Floppy Doll'  or better still  'calisthenic exercises' .

Beginners are welcome ...

Its inexpensive to join Tsuyoi Kokoro Dojo train you can train for as little as £7.50 a week.