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Based in Leeds,Yorkshire,UK, we're a small and independant, but officially registered 'shibu' dojo (branch school) directly affiliated to the JUNDOKAN in OKINAWA, today led by Yoshiro Miyazato Kancho. The headquarters in Okinawa was originally established by his father Eiichi Miyazto Sensei.He was a long time student of Chojun Miyagi Sensei... Our training today at the TsuyoiKokoro Dojo, although serious and committed, is offered in a relaxed,non-competitive environment, we don't take part in karate sports competitions. Our primary concerns are good health good manners and respect for one another. The classes are focused, small and friendly. We offer an opportunity to study and learn Okinawan GoJu Ryu Karate-Do, supplemented by our additional daruma taiso practice that is integral to our training . Taiso that help us to discover, explore and develop our flexibility, strength, mobility, specific to our style and martial arts framework improve our body awareness and overall fitness. The dojo name ' Tsuyoi Kokoro' put simply means 'strong heart' . Our aim is always to make the dojo as inclusive as possible and establish an unintimidating environment . All the classes are led by Jenni Molloy, Leeds UK Jundokan shibu dojo sensei. If you'd like to find out more please get in touch to come along and try out a class.

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come train with us

learning the foundational principles of our physical practice,the classes are for all ranges of abilty

our style is goju ryu

this 'hard soft' style is one of the traditional styles of karate from Okinawa

the kata

kata , 'set forms' , make up the core of the teaching syllabus